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Members: Have an item of interest to club members you would like to share? Send text, photos with captions, links, etc. Do you have a layout? Write a few paragraphs about it. Include the scale, dimensions, prototype(s) followed if any, era, etc. If you have your own website include a link to it. The layout (or website) does not have to be "finished" 'cause it may never be.

If you don't have a layout yet write something about your plans to build one. If you don't have any plans then write something about your interest in trains. Maybe you prefer to watch trains or ride trains or collect trains. Include pictures or drawings if you wish. Remember, this is a fun hobby and it's more fun when you can share it with others. Send your contribution to the webmaster. See the Contact Us page for the email address.

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DateSubmitted ByTopic
2018-12-21Paul AlmquistLeader-Telegram new story on WWRC
2018-11-13Karl BotterbuschortSkirting for the Permanent Layout
2018-11-08Paul AlmquistRotary Car Dumper
2018-05-02Paul AlmquistLiquified Natural Gas for Locos
2017-08-22Paul AlmquistCN Intermodal Yard in Chippewa Falls
2017-01-13Paul AlmquistA Spiral Route
2017-01-12Jim EganA New View from the Trolley
2017-01-09Paul AlmquistWhere did the word "Train" come from?