Information for Exhibitors and Vendors

We are open to new exhibitors and vendors for our show. Qualified exhibits include train layouts (operating or static), museums, train collectors, railway operators (full size or miniature), and other train related items. Qualified vendors are those whose items for sale include model trains and accessories, pictures, books, videos, toy trains, railroad dinner ware, clothing and other train related items. If you are not sure if you quality then contact us to find out. Get your application in early although priority is given to previous participants. Available space is of course finite. There is a link to the Participant Application Form below.

Dates and Times - 2023

The second full weekend in October.
Setup: Friday, Oct 13: 3pm - 9pm
Setup: Saturday, Oct 14: 7:30am - 10am
Show time: Saturday, Oct 14: 10am - 5pm
Setup time: Sunday, Oct 15: 9am - 10am
Show time: Sunday, Oct 15: 10am - 3pm
Take down: Sunday, Oct 15: 3pm - 8pm

Cost for Vendor Tables - 2023

The cost is $30 per table.
Table size is 8ft long, 30" wide.
Provide your own table covering if one is desired.
No cost for chairs. A lot of folks bring their own comfy chairs.

Cost for Exhibitor Tables - 2023

The first 2 table are free, additional tables cost $13 per table.
Table size is 8ft long, 30" wide.
Provide your own table covering if one is desired.
No cost for chairs. A lot of folks bring their own comfy chairs.


  • The building is accessible through the front doors, east and west side doors.
  • Note: The side doors near the back of the building are no longer usable to unload and load items.
  • The show floor is made up of 3 areas:
    • Turf court: 185 ft long by 85 ft wide, with rounded corners on both ends.
    • Center area: 70 ft long by 30 ft wide.
    • Sports court: 135 ft long by 85 ft wide, with rounded corners on one end.
    • The rounded corners exist because the facility was built for playing soccer.
    • We will be using all 3 areas this year because of more and larger layouts.
  • The turf court floor covering is green artificial turf as the area is also used as a soccer field.
  • The sports court floor covering is gray as the area is also used as a sports field.
  • Because of the somewhat soft artificial flooring we strongly recommend that you put wooden blocks under table legs if there is a heavy load on them. Some blocks will be available on site. Best to bring your own. We are responsible for damage to the floor.
  • Tables are 8 ft long, 30 in wide.
  • Unless you want tables along the wall, there will be about 3ft between the tables and the wall.
  • Chairs are available as needed.
  • You will likely need an extension cord to provide power to your layout or display. Please bring your own.
  • Most aisles will be about 8 feet wide, some are wider.
  • There is a concessions area in the building in the center area which will be open during setup and the show.
  • Rest room facilities are close to the show floor.
  • A water fountain is by the rest rooms.
  • The parking lot is large, paved and in good condition.
  • Please park toward the far (north) end of the lot after unloading.
  • The building is handicapped accessible.


There are numerous lodging options in the greater Eau Claire, Altoona, Chippewa Falls and Menomonie area. Use your favorite internet search engine and search for:
  • Hotels and Motels near Eau Claire, WI
  • Campgrounds near Eau Claire, WI

You should be able to find something to your liking. There are some sites close to the show venue and many others within a 30 minute or less drive.

This a great time to explore northwest Wisconsin in the fall, either before you come to the Train Show or afterwards, or both! There are many lakes and streams to fish in, city, county and state parks for you to visit, historical and railroad museums, trains to ride, and fun things to see and do in small towns, bigger communities and out in the country. If shopping is your thing there are great places for that and of course the only Train Shop in west Wisconsin is in Eau Claire.


There are several restaurants nearby the show venue and others just a few minutes drive from there.

Floor Plan

This floor plan is subject to change. - Click the image to get a PDF version of the floor plan.
Click for PDF version of Floor Plan

Show Location

L.E. Philips YMCA Indoor Sport Center
3456 Craig Road
Eau Claire, WI 54701-6977
On the south side of Eau Claire,
just a few blocks south of the Hwy 37 and Craig Road intersection
and a few blocks north east of the I-94 and Hwy 37 interchange.

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We Are Model Railroading Ambassadors

Have you noticed how much gray hair or no hair there is among the train show participants? Everyone of us needs to get out from behind our layouts and talk with the visitors to our train shows. We need to encourage younger folks to get involved in the World's Greatest Hobby.

Now days there are many alternatives for young folks to choose for their entertainment. We have to show them all of the many opportunities there are within model railroading to do things, make things, learn things, meet people, go places. Let some of the visitors run your trains. You may have to modify your layout to do that but the longevity of our hobby depends on us selling its benefits to others. That is one of the easiest things we can do.

Participant Application Form

Click here for the Participant Application Form

Where may I get more information?

Email (preferred): TrainShow@WestWisconsinRailroad.Club
Phone: Call Paul at 715-559-6552
Leave a message, I don't answer calls from unrecognized numbers.
I'll return your call. Better to use email, I find it more reliable.