We have not had any clinics for a long time. Maybe some member would like to put something together.

Have you been to see "Dr. John" for your MRI (Model Railroad Injection)?? John Suppon has undertaken the major task of conducting a series of How-To clinics on various model railroading topics. Topics include landscaping, trees and water, DCC, and others.

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Pictures from recent clinics

Rocks, Trees and Water

Completed rock formation.

Reinforcing a rock mold.

Making a tree.

Using caspia for a tall tree.

Preparing to apply water effects.

Creating a bow wake for the canoe.

Canoeists on the river.

River from prior clinic now filled with water.

Water added to open top tank car.

Water in the ditch beside a road.

Basic Landscaping and Scenicing

Scenicing the river bed.

Rock casting applied to substrate.
Yellow object is the mold.

Grass and plowed field added.

John answering a question.

Completed riverbed awaiting the water.