Club Layouts

The Club has five different layouts. Three of the five are portable and two of them are permanent. Below is a summary of each. For more information click on the title or picture link for the layout.

HO Permanent Layout - The West Wisconsin Railroad

With permanent housing arrangement the club has constructed a permanent layout. The club's Operations Committee has the responsibility to design the layout. Layout construction is proceeding with lots done, lots to be done. (Is a layout ever really finished?) It's all part of the model railroading enjoyment.

HO Modular Layout - The Traveling Layout

This portable layout is a modular HO-DCC layout and commonly referred to as the suitcase layout due to the style of contruction of the modules. It's size is 18ft x 40+ ft based on the number of existing modules. We have taken it to many shows.

HO Switching Layout

This is a 6ft x 15in layout. It is used as a switching puzzle and has appeared at multiple shows for attendees to operate.