Club Layouts

The Club has five different layouts. Three of the five are portable and two of them are permanent. Below is a summary of each. For more information click on the title or picture link for the layout.

HO Permanent Layout - The West Wisconsin Railroad

With the new housing arrangement the club is now able to construct a permanent layout. The club's Operations Committee has the responsibility to design the layout. Layout construction is proceeding with lots done, lots to be done. It's all part of the model railroading enjoyment.

HO Portable Layout - The Kernels and Sanders Railroad

In May, 2012 construction was started on a 5ft x 9ft portable layout. It is DCC controlled. Two or three members can transport, setup and operate it.

HO Modular Layout - The Suitcase Layout

This portable layout is a modular HO-DCC layout and commonly referred to as the suitcase layout due to the style of contruction of the modules. It's maximum size is 14ft x 40 ft based on the number of existing modules.

HO Switching Layout

This is a 6ft x 15in layout. It is used as a switching puzzle and has appeared at multiple shows for attendees to operate.

O Scale Layout

This is a recently acquired addition to the club house.