Club Layouts

HO Permanent Layout - The West Wisconsin Railroad

With the new housing arrangement the club is now able to construct a permanent layout. The Operations Committee has the responsibility to design the layout. Club members are encouraged to share their ideas with committee members. The following items are various work products of the committee. Click the PDF icon for a larger view.

Funding the Layout

Shortly after the club began renting the facility and became an IRS recognized non-profit organization an anonymous member offered a matching gift donation which provided $2000 for initial funding of the permanent layout. Since then members and other have made donations of cash, rolling stock, structures, scenery materials, track components and electronic devices. WWRC is a 501c3 organization so contributions are tax deductible. Here is a list of donors to the Permanent Layout Fund:

       Member Donors
Non-member Donors
       Bill Boettcher
Carl Searing
Dave Menard
Don Townsend
Jim Barnier
John Suppon
John Toczek
Jon Paulson
Karl Botterbusch
Paul Almquist
Richard Carroll
Roger Elliot
       Frank Almquist

Construction has commenced and much completed

Construction started in the Meeting Room area with the Staging yard, Wye, and hidden mainline. This necessitated making two holes in the wall that separates the meeting room and the South Layout Room. With that well in hand the benchwork for the engine terminal and yard in the South Room was constructed. The peninsula structure followed. Then the north Room benchwork was constructed. The DCC power bus wiring was put in place where ever possible before the benchwork top was set on. It was easier to do it from the top than the bottom. Scenery is in place across most of the layout. Some is just roughed in, other areas are finished or nearly so.

Much progress has been made in recent months in resolving some nagging DCC electrical issues. The DCC power bus wiring is being replaced with new track feeder wires where needed. The mains power for the layout was changed to a new circuit as it was found to be connected to the power panel of the adjacent business in this building instead of the panel in our side.

Various areas of scenery and towns are being redeveloped due to changes in membership.

Some track realignment has been done. The Amtrak station has been moved from the west end of the freight yard to the central city. A new siding was constructed to serve the new station. The container yard in the north room was relocated to allow a broader curve and straighten the connection to the main line by the sand mine.

Here are some pictures

General Layout Attributes

This table identifies many layout attributes and their values.

Layout Footprint

This is the final footprint for the layout. The magenta shaded areas in the layout are beyond the 36in maximum reach.
This diagram has significant dimensions.
This diagram does not have the dimension clutter.

Several footprint plans were proposed for the layout rooms. These were carefully evaluated. The best of each were selected and combined to make the above diagram.
Layout Footprint Details - North and Middle Rooms
Layout Footprint Details - South Room
Layout Footprint Details - Meeting Room

Benchwork Construction

    The options were:
  • Build standard size rectangles of about 2' x 6' with internal bracing. These would be fastened together and polygons added where needed to approximate the desired perimeter.
  • Make custom sized rectangles and polygons to fit the spaces as needed.
The latter option was chosen as it would be less costly due to the use of less materials. All legs will be at least 6" inside of the fasscia to reduce the probability of anyone kicking them. Frame and legs were to be made of 1/2" x 3" plywood. We had a significant amount of 1" x 3" solid stock available at no cost so that was used instead of plywood. That was supplemented with new wood as needed. Cantilever construction will support much of the north room frame as well as the south room peninsula. South room perimeter frame will be supported by a ledger board along the walls with diagonal leg braces as needed. Appropriate support for the K&S sections will be constructed so they will be at the height of the rest of the layout.

Producer-Consumer Relationships Between The Industries

This diagram shows that a relationship exists between a pair of industries.
PDF version allows good zooming.

Table of Details
This multipage table details the types of loads received and sent and what industries send and receive the loads.

Recommended Industries

Based on the above relationships between industries and the industries that actually do or did exist in the West Wisconsin the committee has developed two lists of industries. These will serve as a starting point for selecting the ones to include in the layout initially. We do not want to over crowd the layout with industries. It is also desirable to be able to replace an industry scene with a different one without excessive work, that is, to make the scenes modular.

Track Plan

North Room: The track plan depends in part on the layout footprint which has been determined. It also depends on the industries to be served and their location on the layout. The Operations Committee is now working on the industry selection for the layout.

This South Yard design has now been constructed. It is a diamond shaped design using a simple ladder on each end. It has 6 classification tracks and 2 arrival/departure tracks which extend into the staging yard.