Club Layouts

HO Modular Layout

Construction of this layout was started in 2006. Various modules have been updated since then. It is commonly referred to as the suitcase layout due to the style of contruction of the modules. It's maximum size is 14ft x 40 ft based on the number of existing modules. Trains are controlled using Digitrax DCC hardware.

Each module measures 2ft x 4ft except the 4 corner modules which are about 2ft 6in square. They each have a cover that is secured by four latches and has a handle on one long side for carrying. One pair of legs fold into the bottom of the module. Bolts align the modules and they are held together with speed clamps. Cables interconnect the modules for the Loco-Net and track power. Digitrax Loconet throttle jacks are spaced around the layout on both the inside and outside. Often members operate from the outside of the layout and allow patrons of train shows to control trains under their supervision.

A typical module:
Module Closed

Module Open

Pictures of the Modular Layout