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Permanent Layout Updates

2022-08-20 - Mike Zabrowski

Several updates are in progress on the club's permanent layout.

New Mains Wiring

  • Enclosed in new flexible conduit mains power is being replaced under the layout. It is mostly out of sight. The master power switch (see picture) for the layout has been moved to the middle of the layout area and is on a panel below and behind the layout facia. It is now protected from accidental power on or off. There is a pilot light next to the switch.
  • Power outlet boxes are being placed in several locations under the layout for DCC equipment and accessories. Each box has 4 outlets.
  • Power for the layout was moved to a different building circuit. The breaker for the previous circuit is in the south half of the building which is not accessible to us. It is now on a circuit controlled from a breaker in the meeting room.

DCC Equipment Changes:

  • New shelves have been constructed for holding the DCC command station and boosters. These shelves can be rotated for easy access to the back.
  • A fan with an air filter is fitted under the shelf for each command station and booster. The fan blows the filtered air through air ducts across the heat sink to cool each of these devices. The white boxes seen in these 2 pictures are the air ducts.
  • Each of the devices has its own power supply, all of which are of the same model.

Structure Changes:

  • The Amtrak station has been relocated to a city area from its former location next to the freight yard. A new station building will be constructed. Our club is named after the West Wisconsin Railroad, the first railroad into Eau Claire. The WWR started in Tomah. Since the Tomah station is still an Amtrak Station and is the closest Amtrack station to Eau Claire our new Amtrak station will be modeled after the Tomah Amtrak station. The model will be about 13 inches long at the roof line.
  • The buildings at the back of the station area will be moved, likely to the east of their present location.

Track Changes:

  • A new Amtrak station side track is being added. The track serving the industries west of the new Amtrak station will be moved. The Tomah Amtrak station is on the main line through town.
  • The switch directing trains on the main past the yard was changed from a right hand to a left hand switch. Through trains will take the through route rather than the diverting route through this switch. The diverting route leads trains to one of the yard arrival/departure tracks and access to the shops track.