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Liquified Natural Gas for Locos

2018-05-02 - Paul Almquist

I was watching Youtube video and saw an unusual tank car right behind the lead loco. The commentator said thats liquified natural gas. Hmm, seem strange for such a load to be so close to the loco. Then another loco came into view, and another, then a second LNG tank car. Two pairs of locos with matching LNG cars between them. (in a nice looking livery too, Florida East Coast RR. It reminds me of the SP Daylight colors.)

Could LNG be used to power the locos? A quick google and I found this article that clearly answers the question:
Florida East Coast Railway converts locomotive fleet to LNG

Here is a link to the video. Duration is 15 min. Skip forward to 4:05 to see the locos.
LONG Train Knocks Down Signal
Read the first comment if you want to learn what it means to "knock down a signal". That's a new term to me.