Club Layouts

HO Portable Layout - The Kernels and Sanders Railroad

In May, 2012 construction was started on a small portable HO-DCC layout. The idea behind this is to have a layout that a few of members could easily transport, setup and operate at various sites, such as, train shows, schools, senior living facilities, etc. It also provides an opportunity for members to learn about and experiment with various construction techniques and of course have fun doing it.

The benchwork started as a set of 3 - 3ft x 5ft sections. It sits on an aluminum frame that doubles as the rack for carrying the layout. Soon 2 - 2ft x 5ft ft wings were added. Each wing is supported by the outside main sections and a pair of removable legs. Brass locating pins align the sections as they are assembled. The sections are held together with clamps. It has been expanded to the present 9ft x 21ft size with the addition of a double track loop which provides for extended running.

It can be operated in just the original 5ft x 9ft configuration. The two 2ft x 5ft wings may be added for a more interesting layout. And the extensions added for the full effect.

This layout been exhibited at several shows and has been at Trainfest in Milwaukee multiple times.

Working block signals are being incorporated along with computer aided train control using CTI Electronics Train Brain and Digitrax DCC components.

          Kernels and Sanders Layout

The theme of the railroad is based on Western Wisconsin. There are 2 ethanol plants in this region, Stanley and Boyceville. There are also multiple frac sand mines and processing facilities. So these are the two main industries on the railroad. Of course there is a farm and a community. The community has a passenger depot with daily service. (That does not exist currently but a group, the West Central Wisconsin Rail Coalition is working on it.)

About that railroad name: Kernels & Sanders Railroad. Ethanol is made from the kernels of corn and sand is the objective of sand mining. And of course it is a play on the name of a well known restaurant chain. Listen carefully when you are near the farm. You may hear a rooster crowing.

Pictures of the Kernels and Sanders Layout